Mould Remediation

Remediation Experts

The Process

Mould remediation is always water restoration that wasn’t affected in a timely fashion. Mould, a secondary damage, occurs because the water source wasn’t identified soon enough or handled effectively.

Mould is everywhere in our environment and isn’t normally a cause for concern for most people, but elevated levels can be a health hazard and must be handled appropriately. Safe removal of the contaminant, along with source investigation to prevent reoccurrence, is critical to returning the site to a pre-contaminated state.

An Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT), trained through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), is the lead technician on every project.

At On Point Restore, we take a measured, proportional approach to every restoration project.

Preliminary Determinationl
o Site inspection
o Samples taken and analyzed by Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP)

Source Elimination
o Mould requires water to grow
o An unknown source may be present

Remediation Plan
o Project scope outlined
o Scope approved

o Removal of fungal growth and spores

Post-Remediation Evaluation
o Assessment of project completeness

Post-Remediation Evaluation
o Third-Party sampling and inspection (IEP)

o Post-Remediation reconstruction


We are able handle your post-abatement reconstruction. With a talented in-house renovation team and priority access to preferred contractors who stand behind their work, we can submit a quote to you quickly so that you can get your site back to where it needs to be, as soon as it needs to be.

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