Our Clients

Our clients choose to partner with On Point Restore because of the trust we’ve built, the quality of service we provide, and our measured, proportional approach.

Property Managers

One phone call will put you in touch with a qualified technician able to handle the situation from start to finish, keep you apprised of the progress with regular reports, as well as attend site meetings, as requested.

Insurance Companies

Have confidence that our project lead has the expertise to move the loss, as quickly as possible, through the mitigation and emergency stages, and then provide you with competitive figures to make the client whole again.

General Contractors

Running into an unexpected expense, like mould or asbestos, can be tough to explain to a client. Let us have that conversation and provide your client with a measured, cost-effective approach that will keep your project on schedule and your relationship intact.

Residential Properties

Discovering a problem in your home that you’re not qualified to handle on your own can be unnerving. You might start worrying about the cost of the project before getting all the facts. Before you assume the worst, give us a call to hear a measured approach to get you through this bump in the road.

Our Mission

Highlight of Services

At On Point Restore, we take a measured, proportional approach to every restoration project.

We actively assess the risks, and subsequent consequences, associated with all aspects of your project, while not overstating them. Then, we make decisions based on those risk assessments.

The result of this approach, and the benefit to you, is the mitigation of those risks without causing unnecessary or inflated reconstruction costs or down time.

IIRCRC Certified Technicians
o All of our lead technicians have an IICRC*
o Ongoing training of our technicians to advance understanding and implementation

Prompt, Priority Response
o 24/7 emergency response
o IICRC technician leading every project
o Measured, proportional response

Designated Secure Login
o Back office login to view real time progress on your project
o The system will notify you of any changes to the project

Quality Control
o Regular oversight and direction from a certified technician

Timely, Transparent, and Detailed Invoicing
o Industry standard invoicing
o Documentation with invoicing

Peace of Mind
o Our workmanship carries a one-year warranty
o Manufacturers' warranty on materials

*Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

Edmonton's trusted home restoration company.

Emergency Response

For immediate response to your
water loss by a Water Restoration
Technician, please call us at